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Inline CT inspection System “HeiDetect FX Inline CT (225 kV / 320 kV / 450 kV)“
HeiDetect FX Inline CT is a fully automatic inline CT inspection system for workpieces with different sizes and weights, for example cylinder heads, crankcases, gearboxes and structural components.

The system consists primarily of a compact X-ray cabin with a linear shuttle for workpieces, a lift/rota-ting unit for the CT scan as well as a detector and an X-ray tube, which can be adjusted to the inspection task.

With the automatic image capturing and analysis soft-ware for 3D inspections, an analysis of the data is possible by the customer itself. New workpiece data can be entered and workpiece changes can be edi-ted on site by the customer.

The Volume Graphics framework can be used for a clear operation of the analysis.


 Your advantages

100% inspection directly in the production line
Reduction in rejects through determination of the form and position
of defects before processing
Expandable system concept customised to the customer definitions
Software for automatic inspection and component changes
Data connection to graphic reporting systems possible
Separation of production process and CT inspection process possible
Realisation of a start-up curve without influencing production
No changes on factory-side workpiece carriers necessary
Simple construction of the CT components (few moving parts)
Stationary X-ray source, no moved HV cables or similar
No complex structures in the radiation shielded cabin
Detector with linear movement by +220 mm (optional for larger
components measurement extension)
Compact radiation shielded cabin, space-saving in production
Inline CT and automation from one source

Data sheet HeiDetect FX Inline CT

Our products
Inline computed tomography
  HeiDetect XS CT
  HeiDetect FX Inline CT  
Computed tomography
X-ray technology
Research & Development
Versions of the
HeiDetect FX Inline CT
Inline CT with linear loading system and automated loading / unloading
by an industrial robot or other handling systems.
CT-System with linear loading system for manual loading. In this case, different types of workpieces can be handled simultaneously as it is
possible to use different workpiece carriers.
Test system (without robot or conveyor technology)
Length  4,050 mm
Width  4,200 mm
Height  2,550 mm
Weight  approx. 25 t
Type  Varex 1642
Active surface  16‘‘ x 16‘‘ (approx. 
 406 x 406 mm)
Pixel size  200 - 400 μm
 (edge length)

Type  Fraunhofer
 XEye 5040
Active surface  500 x 400 mm
Pixel size  50 μm - 400 μm
 (edge length)
X-ray tubes
COMET MXR-225HP/11 (225 kV, 1.8 kW)
COMET MXR-320HP/11 (320 kV, 1.8 kW)
COMET MXR-451HP/11 (450 kV, 1.5 kW)
(Other tubes on request)
Fully automated 3D data analysis
Fraunhofer PIDA (Process Integrated Defect Analysis)
Standard framework from Volume Graphics with integrated analysis algorithm from Fraunhofer
Maximum test piece size
for HeiDetect FX Inline CT
Width  approx. 620 mm
Height  approx. 700 mm
Weight  approx. 100 kg
The HeiDetect FX Inline CT is also customizable to other workpiece sizes